2014 World Orchid Photography Competition.

The 21st World Orchid Conference (WOC21) will take place from 10-14 September 2014 in the vibrant city of Johannesburg, South Africa, at the world class Sandton Convention Centre.

The 2014 World Orchid Photography Competition will be held in collaboration with the 21st World Orchid Conference.

How to enter

This competition is all about orchids, so whichever category you choose to enter, an orchid or several or part thereof has to be in it. The orchids must be clear enough for an expert to be able to identify it as such. For example, if you choose to only depict parts of orchids, like lips, they must clearly be seen as “orchid” lips.

Every entry will cost R10.00 (approx Euro 0.75, US 1,00 or Pounds 0,60). You may enter as many pictures as you wish in whichever category you choose to – no limits. The more you enter, the bigger your chance to win. International entrants can make payment via PayPal on the WOC21 site and South African residents can make payments to the bank account that will be provided via email on entry.

Please read the category descriptions carefully. Images which do not meet the criteria (for example no orchid in the image) will be removed from the competition without refund. Digital manipulation on your computer and/or mobile device is allowed, but not required in all the categories. No restrictions. Images may not be wider than 1920px and higher than 1080px, have a resolution of 300 ppi and have a file size no bigger than 1,5 Mb.

Entrants may make an EFT Payment into the WOC21 bank account:
Account name: 21st World Orchid Conference (Pty) Ltd
Bank name: Standard Bank of South Africa
Branch name: Clearwater
Branch code: 001206
Account number: 332727513
SWIFT code: SBZAZAJJ               
Address: Clearwater Mall, Christiaan de Wet Road, Roodepoort, 1735, South Africa
Reference: PHOTO and surname


After clicking on ‘enter here’, please REGISTER to obtain your Emma membership number. Complete all details marked * and submit.  A few minutes later you’ll receive your EMMA membership number and password via e-mail. Log-in with your details.

To enter the competition event, select the event and click the 'Enter Event' button on the top left. Full help is available here and more specifically to enter an event here.

The competition closes for entries on the 12 August 2014.

There are awesome cash prizes for the overall winners:

  • First Prize        : R 1,000.00
  • Second Prize   : R 500.00
  • Third Prize       : R 250.00

The following categories are available for you to enter:

 Just Orchids

In this category we would expect images of orchids  in all their glory, showing the plants and/or flowers off to their fullest. These can, but do not have to be, award winning orchids, they can be the orchid you bought at the local store. Take a beautiful picture of it and enter. The quality of the orchid flower or plant is not being judged, merely the picture. The picture may, but does not have to be taken in the wild. It is about the plant/flower, not so much about the habitat, for this we have another category (Orchids in their Natural Habitat)

Orchids in their Natural Habitat

We want you to show us where orchids grow, the amazing variety of habitats that you can find orchids in. Don’t forget that the orchid must feature in your image, not merely the habitat. Do not take a picture of an area in summer where you have previously seen orchids flower at a different time of year. We want to see orchids and surrounding.

Please do not damage, cut, pick or remove orchids from their growing spot. Most orchids are protected species and we don’t want to negatively impact on the environment – take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints.

Close up and Macro Orchids

Get up close and personal with orchids – show us the amazing world of orchids which usually escapes the casual human observer. Be creative, let the viewer marvel at the often hidden beauty of orchids. Here you may show us parts of orchids but also the incredible variety of tiny orchid flowers.

Human Portraits with Orchids

Use orchids to enhance a portrait, whether the flowers are used classically as part of a hair décor for example, or as foreground/background to a portrait, it is up to you – include orchids and make the portrait even more beautiful. Please only use humans as models, please no nudes.

Animals with Orchids

Compose an image with Orchids and animals. This may be a portrait of your favorite dog holding a stem of orchids or the natural association of orchids and animals, for example as pollinators. The choice is yours – your picture has to include an animal and an orchid

Creative Compositions / Altered Reality with Orchids

If you love to use your computer and the many programs available to enhance or alter images, this category is for you. Be creative, have fun, realistic, surreal, dreamlike or abstract the possibilities are endless and the choice is yours. Let your imagination soar. Alter one or a combination of several photographs creating a new reality with orchids.

Monochrome Orchids

Go back in time and show us orchids in one colour (black and white, or sepia, or any other monochrome you choose). Be sure to stick to “mono” chrome – one colour only please. The composition is up to you, but make sure the orchids are clearly visible and play an important part in your picture.

The judging panel:

David Dodds HFPSSA

David has been a photographer as a primary concern for more than 35 years, and has followed the evolution of the digital arena into graphic design, illustration and publishing. David now manages to do artworks for advertising campaigns, along with the completion of publications and websites, and has studied the process of getting quality imagery onto ceramics.


Anne d’Oliviera APSSA

Anne is passionate about photography, which is her hobby and also about travel and adventure.  She is a member of the Camera Club of Johannesburg and has been Photographer of the Year or Runner-up at her club on a number of occasions. Anne has also won numerous awards at National and International salons/competitions.

Anne is a Director of the Photographic Society of South Africa (PSSA), which is the governing body to which 93 photographic clubs throughout South Africa are affiliated. As a Director, Anne is responsible for the Central Gauteng Region, which consists of 10 photographic clubs and also holds the portfolio of Chairperson for the Competitions Division within the Society.  In September 2013 she was voted in as 2nd Vice-President of the PSSA.  Anne is a regular judge at many clubs and also for salons/competitions.

A few years back Anne, together with her business partner and fellow photographer, started producing documentary AVs (Audio Visuals) as a way of sharing their photography, adventures and experiences with family and friends and these AVs have are now being shown to numerous photographic clubs, societies and organisations throughout the country.

Anne runs her own business and is involved in the project management and cost control for construction projects.

Dr. John Elliot

John Elliott is an experimental child psychologist by profession and grows orchids as a hobby. President of the Orchid Society of South East Asia (OSSEA) from 1997 to 2011, he also chaired the conference committee for the 20th WOC in Singapore 2011, and was the principal editor of the subsequent Proceedings. John is also a member of the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) Orchid Hybrid Registration Advisory Group, the Judging Committee of the RHS. He has edited Orchid Growing in the Tropics, published in 1993, and was the main author of Orchid Hybrids of Singapore 1893 – 2003 (2005). In 2012 he was awarded the Veitch Medal of the RHS for services to horticulture (corresponding), and a Trustee of the Asia Pacific Orchid Conference. (APOC), his interests include vandaceous species and heritage vandaceous hybrids of SE Asia. 

Dr Henry Oakeley FRCP, FLS

Henry Oakeley has been taking photographs for nearly 60 years, from school (movement of snakes to athletics), University (pot-holing to microscope slides), through his career as a psychiatrist (mostly orchids) to retirement (mostly orchid hunting in Latin America and round the world and, currently, medicinal plants).  The last time he looked he had 56,000 35mm slides and 144,562 digital images and several feet of black and white photo albums. 

He has been growing orchids for almost as long, and been Chairman of the Royal Horticultural Society Orchid Committee, President of the Orchid Society of Great Britain, Honorary Chairman of the Lycaste Club of Japan, (and a few more).  His books include ones on an ancestor in the English Civil War; the Anglo Boer War (1900-1902); Lycastes, Idas and Anguloas; Plants named after Doctors; and a compilation of medical biographies (and a few more). Lecturing on orchids has taken him from Asia to the Americas (including South Africa) and his photographic databases are held by the Geological Society of London, the Royal Horticultural Society, the Wellcome Trust (and a few more). He currently enjoys being the Garden Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians' Medicinal Garden, in London, where he is till taking photographs.

A selection of his orchid photos are on http://osgb.org.uk/galleries/a/a.php  (and following pages)

His medicinal plant photos can be seen on http://www.rcplondon.ac.uk/museum-and-garden/garden and http://garden.rcplondon.ac.uk 

The CD of the RHS Orchid Committee with  his 6000 photos of RHS awarded orchid paintings is available from the Royal Horticultural Society, botany department, Wisley Gardens, Surrey, GU23 6QB, UK

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