Event Management

Manage your photographic events in one place.

Create photographic events the way you want. Each event can be open to just your organisation’s members, selected people, selected organisations or everyone. Each event is fully customisable. Specify the number of entries, the mediums (print, digital, etc.), categories per medium, judging type, judges and fee structure. EMMA supports multiple mediums like print and digital in the same event. You can easily track an events’ entries by entrant.

Entrant Management

Manage your entrants. 

Manage all the members of your organisation. You are in full control of your members - you can chose to register on the member’s behalf or they can register themselves. Non-members can register and enter events that are open to non-members. EMMA can keep track of a member’s entries, proficiency and results.

Entry Submission and Management

Complete view of an events entries.

Entrants can submit entries to an event in a number of ways. Entries can be submitted by using the desktop application (Apple OS X or Microsoft Windows) or the web application. You can also submit entries on behalf of an entrant via a directory or flash drive. Entries can be continuously downloaded, you don’t have to wait until the event closes. Entries can be judged at a venue in 1 or more rooms or online. Scores are automatically allocated to an entry during judging. An entry can also be allocated 1 or more awards. Once the event is closed, results are emailed to the entrant. 


Flexible. Fully automated. Effortless.

Judges can be internal to or external to your organisation. Each event can be assigned one or more judges. Multiple judging types are supported - sliding scale, proficiency rating and salon. Images can be displayed in a number of different orders. Judging can be done at a venue using an infrared receiver and remotes. Single or multiple concurrent judging sessions are supported. Judging can be done remotely on a judge’s computer, where it is convenient for the judge. When doing remote judging, the images can be downloaded from the internet or read from a supplied CD or flash drive. An event can have a combination of remote and at venue judging. Select winners based on special awards. Member ratings, promotions, exporting of results and sending of results to members can be done once judging is complete. Scoresheets can printed.


Easily configure EMMA to meet your organisation’s needs.

EMMA can be configured to meet your organisation’s and events requirements. You can setup membership types, mediums, categories, awards, specials awards, proficieny ratings, promotion criteria and judging types. Each event can be the same as the previous one or completely different. 


Get going quickly.

To get you going quickly on EMMA, you can import your members and their proficieny ratings. We can help you with your configurations too, so that you can get down to what EMMA is all about - managing your photographic events.

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