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About us

We love photography. We love software.

EMMA has been created by photographers for photographers. EMMA helps organizations and photographers work smarter, share, learn, compete and do what they love to do - photography - without the fuss. Our aim is to make EMMA the best product in its class.

We try to build a product that is useful and that people want to use. We strive to stay ahead by being proactive, always carefully considering what we do. While doing this we always consider our customer and each other. We enjoy building software. We believe that if enjoy what you do, the results will be evident. 

EMMA has been used to run 100’s of club events, salons and competitions. Almost 40,000 images have passed through EMMA.

What our customers are saying

  • I think the latest upgrade of Emma is the best so far.  Please keep on the good work Thank you very much!
  • It think you guys have done a great job and the update is gorgeous!!!
  • I can categorically state that I am extremely happy with Emma and am delighted with the improvements that have been made. I don't think I want to run a club without Emma and I want to thank you for your selfless service. Thank you for everything you have done to date. Keep up the good work.
  • Uploaded pics for our next event without any problem. Some members have started adding their salon acceptances themselves! Thank goodness. We have to deal with individuals who resist change, but they see the light soon. From a club management perspective EMMA has certainly made a huge difference. Consider that as judges for the honours panels, we were requested to bring laptops to score the panels via MS Excel. Compared to EMMA that is like taking a steam train instead of a Boeing. Thank you EMMA team for all your help. 
  • I also need to state that it would be impossible for me to continue to manage the local club if it is not for a tool like EMMA. I am very happy with the product. As everywhere, we also have members that struggle with the technology aspects but that is irrespective of the system used. Thank you for the efforts! We appreciate it very much. Wherever I can, I promote EMMA. We are committed to using EMMA and rely on the solution. Thanks!
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